Sage Yoga serves to assist each student’s unique journey; to offer support and community; safe and informed guidance, and openly share the knowledge that has been passed down through teacher to teacher from the source, in a joyful welcoming environment.

Dana Longton is committed to teaching in a manner that harnesses the healing powers of all facets of Ashtanga Yoga. Her classes are oriented toward each student developing strong foundations and understanding the safest most effective approaches to their personal practice.


Sangha: likeminded people
coming together for similar purpose

At Sage Yoga we are dedicated to providing a safe sanctuary where like minded people can join together be instructed in Ashtanga Yoga in a way that celebrates their uniqueness and caters to individual needs, whilst still observing and respecting the tradition, and maintaining a strong focus on correct alignment and techniques. The energy of the Sage classes is uplifting and supportive and greatly assists the Yoga process.

Kindness, non judgement,
acceptance and compassion

Our Sage Shala is a home away from home: where the healing and self enquiry that is Yoga can be undertaken in a supportive environment; where having fun and a hearty laugh are embraced; and where every individual is respected for who they are and encouraged to maintain a perspective of kindness, non judgement, acceptance and compassion both on and off the mat, towards themselves and others.

Safe and well informed guidance

Ashtanga Yoga is so much more than stretching the body – that it improves our flexibility and strengths and stability and overall fitness is but a welcome side effect. With over a decade of experience in teaching all aspects of Ashtanga Yoga Dana Longton, founder of Sage Yoga is able to offer students safe and well informed instruction and practice in areas of yamas and niyamas (guidelines for how to better relate to ourselves and others and the world we live in), kriya (cleansing techniques), asana (posture practice – movement and breath), pranayama (breathing instruction), pratyhara (directing senses inward) and dharana (concentration – commonly referred to as meditation). The teaching style at Sage Yoga is fun and informative, and accessible to all levels. We offer a range of yoga classes, that suitable for every Body and welcome all who are interested and curious to learn more about this sacred age old practice.

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