How wild it was, to let it be…

How long has yoga been an important part of your life, how long have you had a dedicated practice?
I was introduced to various styles of yoga in the past, however fell in love with Ashtanga from my very first lesson and began a daily practice in 2009.
What are your qualifications / what is your teaching experience / any specialty areas of study or experience?
I completed a 2 year teacher training with Gregor Maehle and Monica Gauci in 2013 and began teaching thereafter. For the most part, my experience is in teaching Mysore style classes, I enjoy this style as it allows me to meet each person exactly where they are and work with them individually. I also love teaching beginners, to be able to encourage and support people through their self-doubt and see them benefit from such a transformative practice brings me so much joy.
How has yoga influenced, healed and helped you?
Yoga has changed my life, no doubt. It has developed in me a focus and discipline, the ability to work through physical, mental, and emotional challenges. It has helped me become more aware of myself and my internal processes. It has given me such treasured friends and a beautiful community to play with.
What is it you feel most passionate about sharing with your students and why?
For me the practice is a moving meditation, the most valuable aspect being the synchronicity of movement with the breath. I aim to to help people become aware of the present moment and find some peace from the story of the mind through the mindful flow of the practice.


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