Rules are made for inept people to follow and the intelligent to use as a guideline.


How long has yoga been an important part of your life, how long have you had a dedicated practice?

Johnny was introduced to yoga in 1996 and has had a daily practice since 2001.

What are your qualifications / what is your teaching experience / any specialty areas of study or experience?

Johnny completed a 3 year teacher training with Gregor Maehle and Monica Gauci in 2006, and has been teaching since 2005. His strength and passion lies in teaching clear and solid foundations to beginners, and putting students at ease with the practice and themselves, giving them the gift of an enjoyable and knowledgeable first experience with yoga and inspiring them to continue and make yoga a steady part of their life. His classes are welcoming, humorous and inclusive; his students leave feeling uplifted and wanting to return.

How has yoga influenced, healed and helped you?

Yoga has influenced Johnny to be strong and focused in his life- inside and out.

What is it you feel most passionate about sharing with your students and why?

Johnny is passionate about sharing the Basics, so that students have the foundation and structure to go with a safe and solid practice that does not have an end date. Movement to keep us moving.


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