Ramona is a dedicated practitioner and an experienced yoga teacher with a particular interest in sharing her knowledge of the relationship between myofascial integration and the yoga practice.

My sources of inspiration are varied and everyday I meet people who fill me with awe but it was the lyrics to a recent hit by Macklemore called “growing up”. 

Don’t try to change the world, find something that you love and do it everyday. Do that for the rest of your life and eventually the world with change. And perhaps I cant leave this one out “Change the body to change the mind.

Tom Myers

How long has yoga been an important part of your life, how long have you had a dedicated practice?

I moved to Australia and in 2006 after having spent 18 years in Hong Kong. To help me stay focussed and grounded during the move which was potentially stressful, I began a yoga and meditation practice and since then it has become a part of my daily routine.

What are your qualifications / what is your teaching experience / any specialty areas of study or experience?

Besides the 3 year intensive training I have undergone through 8 limbs Yoga with Gregor Maehle, I have attended numerous workshops in the past seven years. The one that was truly game changing was Part 1 KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration) with Tom Myers of Anatomy trains. I have also trained as a Pilates instructor and am currently employed in that capacity at Riseley Lifecare physio. I have attended several workshops with renowned yogis like Graeme Northfield, Tiffany Cruikshank to name a few and several Pilates courses with Karin Guntner and Muriel Moritzer from Anatomy Trains Next month I will begin a three part course on “yoga for depression” conducted by Amy Weintrub from Life Force Yoga – USA. I am an avid fan of Tom Myers Anatomy trains model and find the fascial lines that he has outlined in his book a very valuable diagnostic as well as prescriptive tool.

How has yoga influenced, healed and helped you?

I am genetically predisposed to bouts of depression and addictive behaviours. It is only by my daily yoga practice and wholeheartedly embracing the 8 limbs of yoga, that I have been able to keep these dysfunctions at bay. I have gained in strength physically through my asana practice, mentally with the practice of pranayama and spirutally I have fostered an up close and personal relationship with The One. I feel fortunate to be able to successfully raise my three girls, be a reasonably loving spouse, juggle several jobs and follow my passions without feeling overwhelmed or demotivated.

What is it you feel most passionate about sharing with your students and why?

I love sharing, discussing and even getting into debates about the pelvic floor aka mula bandha – the seat of kundalini. I am fascinated by the anatomical, energetic and mystical dichotomies one encounters when awakening and strengthening this area. I encourage my students to shed inhibitions and share experiences so that the mysteries and secrets that can sometimes cloud their reasoning can be set aside and they can follow a more scientific and rational approach that my teacher Gregor Maehle has instilled in us.


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