Sage Classes

Yoga Classes

Sage Yoga teaches Ashtanga Yoga in a way that embraces each individual’s journey. We endeavour to suit the practice to the student, not insisting that the student suit the practice, whilst still respecting the framework of the classical Ashtanga System.

Sage Yoga has been created to assist each student’s unique journey, to offer support, community, guidance and share the knowledge that has been passed down from teacher, to teacher, to teacher, right back to the original Source.

Sage Mysore

(drop-ins welcome – some Ashtanga experience recommended)

A non-guided class where students move through the Ashtanga sequence at their own pace enjoying a silent yet supportive group environment.

Individual instruction and adjustments given to suit each student’s experience and needs. Some knowledge of the sequence of postures is helpful but this is NOT an advanced skill class and is suitable for anyone wanting to experience the many benefits of a breath focused personalised movement practice.

There is also opportunity in this class to be individually advised and schooled in the subtle techniques such as pranayama, kriya and yogic meditation.

Sage Talk Thru

(drop-ins welcome – some Ashtanga experience recommended)

A talk thru of the Ashtanga (half primary) sequence focusing on correct breath count, bandhas and transitions. Suitable for those still working on remembering the sequence or wanting a refresher on technique and application. Some Ashtanga experience helpful.

Sage Kids

(course – no previous yoga experience required)

Classes are fun and jam packed with great yoga ideas that will stay with your children long after the class. Classes will help kids feel safe in a small group free of competition – a place where they can truly celebrate being themselves.

Sage Beginnings

(course – no previous yoga experience required)

For those wanting to build a yoga practice from the ground up, giving the student the wonderful gift of an age-old dynamic sequence of postures linked with dedicated mindful breath and energy holds; a moving meditation that can be practiced anywhere, anytime.

Sage Ground & Restore

(drop-ins welcome – suitable for all levels)

A gentle yet invigorating hatha class focused on mindfully releasing and supporting- physically, mentally and emotionally. Wholesome, balanced asana sequenced to release, relieve and strengthen the body and mind, suitable for all levels and age groups (including pre and post natal women).

Discover inner freedom and stability through a series of grounding and restoring postures, whilst being moved by the rhythm of the breath. Experience ways to let go of all that we hold onto in our busy lives that binds and unsettles us; create space and opportunity to free the body and mind of blockages, whilst remaining strong in our foundation. Great for replenishing and supporting the nervous system.

Revive, restore, remind, reconnect.

A great way to finish your week.

Sage Flow

(drop-ins welcome – suitable for all levels)

A slow flowing and uplifting asana class that will draw on many of the wondrous traditions of yoga, offer a range of yoga postures accessible to all levels, reinforce the breath/body connection, and practice staying mindful and ‘awake’. This class will build stability through slow, focused movements, as well as increase mobility and range of motion. A perfect class to slowly wake up and energise the body and mind, returning you to a state of light-heartedness, leaving you feeling nourished and ready to meet the day. Suitable for all levels – no previous yoga experience necessary.

Sage Yoga Teachers

Sage Teachers

Sage teachers each bring their own energy and vibrancy to the classes, coming from a place of dedication and commitment, acceptance, kindness, compassion, empathy, patience and tolerance, perspective and clarity. We teach from our heart and feel blessed to have the opportunity to guide and assist you along your Yoga journey.


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