Have you ever wanted to learn more about improving your jump backs? inversions? or what you can do to wake up your sleepy shoulder stabilisers?

Are you interested to know more about how applying some age old body/mind cleansing techniques can help many aspects of your modern life? Does it interest you to find out about different ways to come to a place of stillness? Do you want to refine, consolidate and add to your Yogic ‘tool box’?

Sage Labs are a special monthly class zooming in on one particular aspect of all things Yoga. In these mini-workshop classes there will be time to explore, enquire, deconstruct, reconstruct and practice in great detail the things that are often only briefly touched upon in regular yoga classes.

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Turn Down the Volume
In a busy world where sensory overload is accepted as a daily occurrence, it is helpful have some techniques and strategies to find your silence. To come to a place of stillness, where clarity and perspective are ever present and contentment may always be found. A few different techniques ranging from pranayama (breathing), simple meditation and a few asanas will be presented.
Squeaky Clean
Kriyas are age old body/mind cleansing techniques that can assist us greatly in our modern life. They are great for aiding digestion and circulation, flushing out toxins, alkalising the blood, oxygenating the brain and cleansing the subconscious…just to name a few benefits.
Make Like A Tree
Finding grounding in your asana practice. Working the postures from the feet up to strengthen and create a solid foundation. Then flipping that upside down and finding grounding in inversions (headstands and handstands) so they may become restful and fun.
Light As A Feather
Improving jump backs, jump throughs and transitions in your asana practice. Are you making the most of these love to hate transitions? How to harness your breath and bandhas to create lightness and lift and learn to love the dreaded jump back.
Shoulder Clinic
With special guest. More information coming soon…


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